ASC English stands with Ukraine

To our greater Boston ESL community,

Education is not a place for politics but in extreme events, it is important for good people to unite to make a difference.  Like many of you, I am sure that you have been horrified by Russia’s unprovoked attack on the democratic peaceful people in Ukraine. As I watch the news, I simply cannot fathom that this is what is happening now and not some film footage from World War II.  How is this possible in 2022?  My heart hurts for so many innocent Ukrainian citizens who have lost everything by the brutal attack by Russia.  Only two months ago, these people were peacefully living their lives and now their lives have been ripped apart. Even more painful is watching children who are now orphaned and children who are experiencing trauma that will scar their lives forever.  My heart is heavy with grief for our dear Ukrainian friends who have family in Ukraine and the devastation and worry they carry over the destruction of their country and the injuries and death of their family members.  This aggression has hit us close to home because we have employees from the Ukraine whose families have been devastated. This is not something happening to others – it is happening to members of the ASC community.

We will stand with the citizens of Ukraine.  We must! If we do not, Ukraine will not be the last country attacked. The whole world is watching how the democratic countries of the world react. There must be a clear message that such brutality will not be allowed to stand. Any country taking these actions will be met with great opposition and decisive action.  They will not prevail.

At ASC, we are doing our part to help those suffering in Ukraine. We have set up a Go Fund Me page to collect money for Ukrainian children who have been affected by the war.  ASC will match the funds we receive and donate them to Ukrainian-American Educational Center. who are committed to helping the people affected by the Russian military invasion.  We are confident that this organization aligns with ASC’s mission to help children achieve academically – even under extreme duress.

ASC has been working with adult students preparing for college in the greater Boston area for nearly 30 years helping them achieve academic excellence.

In addition, we are waiving our application fee for our adult ESL programs for any student with a Ukraine passport. We will provide an I-20, an acceptance letter and free visa appointment consultation and training without deposits of any kind.

ASC will do our part to help our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.  Please join us to help in this extreme time of need.

Go fund me, click here to help


Carl Nelson