ASC English is right at the heart of this bustling, exciting New England city: Boston, great and unique exciting dynamic place to learn English and learn more about being an American. With a student population of more than 300,000 between the months of September and May, the urban center of New England and the nation’s hub for academics and culture.

This is a city with a full-time commitment to education and learning, both in the classroom and out.

Known as England’s first American cousin, the city of Boston bears a striking resemblance to Europe that is tempered by its own unique atmosphere and commitments. Boston and neighboring Cambridge have cultivated a strong tradition of education that colors the city with a thriving culture of bookstores, cafes, shops, theaters, and an unparalleled academic community more than 20 colleges strong. Home not only to Harvard and MIT, the city offers a bustling art and academic community that asserts a unique presence in all things academic, and challenges students and professionals of all vocations to pursue their own bright ideas.

Boston features a premiere entertainment, dining and enjoyment, a renowned “walking city” with a convenient small-town feel.

Defined physically by the curve of the Charles River on the west and the dramatic Atlantic Ocean and harbor on the east, Boston is not only easily navigable but a pleasure to traverse during milder weather – stroll over the Mass Ave. Bridge, and straight on into Harvard Square to browse the many bookstores and independent shops and cafes. You can find specialty and cultural cuisine all over the city, from Chinatown to Brookline, Chestnut Hill to Jamaica Plain. Whatever your pleasure, all major areas are available on foot, or a short T ride away.

Boston athletics have a long and storied history.

Boston athletics have a long and storied history. From the Red Sox’s historical World Series wins to the heartbreak of Bruins hockey, the winning dynasty of love of Tom Brady, Patriots football, to Red Sox fever, Celtics basketball, or the region ‘s newest addition, the New England Revolution soccer team, New England sports fans take part in a sports tradition that is unique to New England and characterized by the same quirks and passions and dynamics that color this region. New England presents a dynamic and unique sports tradition. Boston and its surrounding areas also offer rousing competition at the university level, with a friendly rivalry between Harvard, Boston University, Boston College and Northeastern University that culminates each year in a much-anticipated citywide tournament known as the Boston Beanpot.