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Letter from the Director on COVID-19 and Returning to School in September

July 7, 2020

Dear Super A Community,

I doubt there are any students that haven’t heard about SEVP’s decision yesterday about online classes and a student’s legal F-1 status.  There is so much inaccurate information out there that is causing so much unnecessary fear.  All SEVP did was state that they were ending authorization for F-1 students to attend online classes beginning in September.  F-1 students have never been allowed to maintain their status through online classes before and SEVP temporarily changed their policy in March due to health concerns because of COVID-19.  This was always going to be temporary and the announcement is simply announcing the end of the authorization.

I am not sure where all the additional information is coming from.  This is not a policy to force international students to leave the US.  I highly doubt ICE will be doing anything unusual to deport international students.  What is true, however, is that if you are an international student attending a college or university and your classes will all be online in September you have a problem.  You will not be able to maintain your status in online classes.

ASC is the solution to this problem.  If you have friends or know people who are at college and their classes are scheduled to be online, they can transfer their I-20 to ASC to protect their status.  ASC is reaching out to our partner colleges and universities in the greater Boston area to see how we can work together to help the international students.  We’ll announce information as soon as we have it.  Most universities expect to go back to regular classes in January so this is a temporary issue but ASC is the answer to that short term problem and we can protect international students’ visa statuses.  Refer your friends to ASC and we’ll work with them to help them keep their student status safe.

At ASC, we will reopen live classes in September per the SEVP announcement.  We are looking forward to welcoming our students back to campus.  We are also prepared to protect the health of our community.  We will enforce social distancing and mask-wearing.  We clean the school daily.  We have hand sanitizer available throughout the school.  We are prepared.

We also know there are students who may have underlying conditions – or live with those that have underlying conditions – that make them more susceptible to sickness from COVID-19.  Please know that we will work with those students and address their concerns.  We don’t want any student putting themselves or loved ones at risk.  Please bring these concerns to the ASC staff and we’ll work with you.

It has been such a long time since we’ve seen many of you and we look forward to getting back to a new “normal” in September.  Until then, have a safe and fun summer!


Carl Nelson