A high TOEFL score can directly impact your ability to attend an American college or university. That is why ESL class instructors recommend the following steps to ensure a positive outcome on your test. By keeping in mind these guidelines, you can improve your chances of attending the college or university of your choice and embarking on the career you want.

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Study the Test
As prepared as you may feel upon entering the examination room, an unfamiliar test format can quickly derail your attempts to get a high TOEFL score. To guarantee that you are ready on test day, ask your ESL instructor for examples of past TOEFL examinations. While the questions on the example tests will not be the same ones you see when you take the exam, you can become familiarized with the format and flow of the examination. Knowing ahead of time what you can expect can help you complete your test with ease.

Practice Your Lessons
You may be able to recite your textbook lessons, but in an out-of-classroom situation, how easily could you use your new English skills? The best way to become truly familiar with another language is to use it. This means communicating with everyone around you in English, including your bus driver, restaurant server, and fellow students. The more proficient you get in speaking and understanding English, the better you will do on your TOEFL exam.

Start Studying in Advance
It takes time to build your English language skills. To avoid the stress of being unprepared on test day, be sure to begin your TOEFL homework well before you take the examination. Establishing a study routine months before your test date can help you feel confident and ready to get a high TOEFL score.

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