Is your upcoming TOEFL exam creating stress in your life? As important as this test may be to your future education, you needn’t suffer from undue nervousness because of it. In addition to teaching you the English language, your iBT TOEFL classes can help you learn strategies to reduce your test anxiety. The following tips can also help you manage your stress as you prepare for your TOEFL examination:

Express Your Concerns
Your TOEFL instructors want you to do well on your examination. If you have worries about your performance, speak to them about it. Upon learning why you are nervous, they may be able to suggest specific strategies that address your individual concerns. If you feel anxious due to a particular issue, tell your instructors. For instance, if you are worrying about your grammar proficiency, your ESL instructors may be able to give you targeted exercises to strengthen your skills.

Find Ways to Unwind
For mental, physical, and emotional wellness, you must take study breaks from time to time. What you find relaxing depends entirely on your own interests. Leave the library or school for a few hours to watch a movie. Catch up with a friend over a cup of coffee. You may also find that establishing a regular exercise routine can greatly enhance your wellbeing and lower your stress levels.

Make Sure You Study
One of the best deterrents to test-day anxiety is preparation. Though you may not know the exact nature of the examination questions that await you, you can feel confident in your English skills by studying as much as necessary. By setting up a consistent study schedule that builds your English knowledge and exercises your abilities, you can sit down to your TOEFL examination with confidence.

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