Studying for the TOEFL exam and taking practice tests aren’t the only ways to prepare for it. ESL students should also make sure they bring everything required to the testing center. Test takers are required to present appropriate identification, which should be an original document, rather than a photocopy. The ID should not be expired as of the test date, and it should include a recent photograph and your signature. Certain documents are not considered acceptable, such as credit and debit cards, international student IDs, international driver’s licenses, birth certificates, employee ID cards, and draft classification cards. Other unacceptable documents include Social Security cards, embassy ID cards, and notary-prepared documents.

ESL students should ensure that the ID document they bring to the testing center exactly matches the name used to register for the test. For example, if the name on an ID includes a middle initial, the student should include the middle initial when registering for the test. Hyphens, accents, and spaces are not taken into consideration. The ID must feature English-language letters.

The iBT TOEFL prep classes at ASC English prepares students to achieve a high TOEFL score by emphasizing the specific skills required for the test. ESL students who are interested in our vibrant learning community in Boston can call (617) 860-3212.