It takes plenty of hard work to master a second language. Even after you take the time to build your vocabulary and master the rules of grammar, you’ll need to spend countless hours practicing your speaking and listening skills with native speakers. However, all that hard work offers immeasurable rewards. When you enroll in English classes to become fluent in a second language, you’re investing in your future success. English programs can help you succeed in academia and today’s global job market. Learning English as a second language can even enhance your brain power!

Academic Success
If you’re planning to attend school in any predominantly English-speaking country, it’s essential to improve your English skills. Becoming fluent in English enables you to understand the classroom material and to interact with your peers. Since English is considered the primary language of scholars, you’ll need to understand this language to read the latest research and peer-reviewed journals.

Career Opportunities
When it’s time to seek employment, listing fluency in English on your resume will give you an advantage over the competition, regardless of which country you choose to work in. Employers often prefer to hire those who have successfully completed ESL classes. Learning English as a second language can even improve your chances of getting promoted.

Social Occasions
Hundreds of millions of people speak English either as their native language or as a second language. Becoming fluent in English enables you to more readily interact with others. This is particularly useful if you plan to travel.

Cognitive Enhancement
Did you know that learning a second language can improve the function of your brain? Scientific studies have proven that individuals who are bilingual not only achieve higher test scores; they also demonstrate better decision making, focus, judgment, planning, and organization.

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