There are countless ways to prepare for the iBT TOEFL exam. You should learn about the basic format of the test and what you can expect at the testing center, and you should take plenty of practice tests and develop sound test-taking strategies. The best way to thoroughly prepare for the TOEFL exam is to enroll in an iBT TOEFL prep class. Your ESL instructor may recommend the following tips for improving your score.

Create a Study Plan

The TOEFL exam covers a wide range of topics that you’ll need to master for a high score. It’s a good idea to create a study plan to allow you to thoroughly explore each section well ahead of the test. Expect to take at least a few months to prepare for the test. You may wish to spend a few consecutive weeks on each area of the test. Or, you may prefer to work on vocabulary on Mondays, grammar on Tuesdays, speaking on Wednesdays, and so on.

Use a Variety of Study Materials

When you enroll in an iBT TOEFL prep class, you’ll have access to plenty of classroom material to sharpen your English skills. You’re likely to use workbooks and other test prep books. However, you can complement your classwork by studying a variety of English-language materials. Listen to English-language TV shows, movies, and radio programs, for example. Read fiction books in English and peruse American newspapers.

Plan to Retake the Test

Many ESL students register for more than one TOEFL exam session. You may wish to view your first exam as a practice exam. This lets you become accustomed to the test-taking environment and the exam itself. When you subsequently retake the test, you’re likely to achieve higher scores.

When you enroll in the iBT TOEFL classes at ASC English, you’ll work one-on-one with highly qualified ESL instructors to develop a test-taking strategy that works for you. Our unique approach to TOEFL prep and the personalized attention we give our ESL students enable them to achieve consistently high TOEFL scores. Call our English school in Boston today at (617) 860-3212 or visit our website to learn more.