When you register for the TOEFL exam, it’s important to thoroughly review all the information available on the registration website. You’ll learn about important requirements, such as arriving at least 30 minutes early for the test. You will also learn what you should bring to the testing center, in addition to what you’re prohibited from bringing. If you have any other questions about taking the TOEFL exam, consult your iBT TOEFL prep instructor or contact ETS.

Registration Confirmation

The day before the test, you should log into your online account, which you created when you registered for the TOEFL exam. Print your registration confirmation and bring it with you to the testing center. This notice contains your registration number, which you need to take the test. By logging into your online account, you’ll also be able to see whether any details about the test have changed, such as the start time.

Identification Documents

Bring at least two forms of acceptable identification with you to the testing center. These documents must be valid, or unexpired, and must feature your signature and a recent photo of you. The identification documents must have your full name, printed exactly as it appears on your TOEFL exam registration. Make sure to only bring original documents, not photocopies.

Specialized Accommodations

If you have a disability and require any specialized accommodations, you must contact ETS Disability Services before you register for the TOEFL exam. ETS allows reasonable accommodations whenever possible. For example, if you have diabetes, alert ETS Disability Services if you will need to bring beverages, food, or glucose tablets with you. Some examples of technical accommodations include screen magnification and an ergonomic keyboard. Some test takers may require specialized assistance, such as a sign language interpreter or a test reader, or adaptive accommodations such as a large print version or Braille version of the test.

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