Many ESL students at ASC English in Boston are building language skills so that they can be successful at U.S. universities. In addition to preparing students to succeed on TOEFL tests and in the classroom, we’re committed to improving each learner’s entire study abroad experience. One issue for international students is often unexpected costs that creep up during their studies. Here’s a guide to the hidden costs international college students face, so you can plan accordingly.

Health Insurance

Most colleges give students a health insurance plan, but it seldom covers the entirety of your medical bills, even if you use student health services. The costs can climb quickly if you have an injury or serious illness. Keep in mind that the U.S. medical system may be different from what you’re used to at home. Read your insurance policy closely so you understand what your financial obligations are if you need to see a doctor.


Whether or not you choose to live on campus, you will need extra money to get around. You will need to travel back and forth for social activities and to campus from an off-campus apartment, as needed. These costs can add up quickly, so plan accordingly.

Apartment or Dorm Costs

Whether you live in a dorm or apartment, be sure to budget for these extra housing costs so you don’t get caught without a place to stay. When you pay your housing fees for a dorm, that expense only covers your stay while school is open. The college housing department can tell you how much it costs for extended dorm stays.

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