In addition to our ESL and TOEFL prep classes, one of the biggest advantages of ASC English is our Boston location. There are tons of opportunities for students to take advantage of in this thriving city. One of the best ways to get a taste of our city is to get involved with the many volunteer activities that are available. When you volunteer, not only will you get a chance to make new friends, but you’ll also get an opportunity to practice your English skills. Here is what you need to know about volunteer activities in Boston.

Finding Volunteer Opportunities

There are volunteer opportunities all over Boston, so the trick is finding the right activities for you. You can find volunteer opportunities by contacting local charity organizations, checking the local paper, and talking to your fellow students. You can also check websites like Boston Volunteer to find monthly listings of various volunteer opportunities. The student services department at your school and your teachers may be able to recommend volunteer activities as well.

Types of Volunteer Activities

Charity organizations need volunteers for everything from working fundraising events to helping distribute food. One of the best ways to give back while practicing your English skills is to volunteer at a soup kitchen. You’ll get an opportunity to talk with your fellow volunteers in the kitchen as well as with the people who come in for a meal. Volunteering to visit with the elderly or recovering vets is another way to practice speaking English while getting to know new people.

At ASC English, we have a list of recommended volunteer opportunities. You can call to speak with one of our school staff, and we can help direct you to the perfect volunteer opportunity. We also have a monthly activity calendar with volunteering activities. Find out about ESL, volunteer activities, and more by calling (617) 860-3212.