When it comes to learning English, practice is the key. However, many international students are initially reluctant to start conversations with teachers and classmates because they are insecure about their language skills or their accents. The good news for these students is that there are free tools available to help them continue their English practice outside of the ESL classroom. Try these tools to build your confidence with the English language.

Sounds: The Pronunciation App

Learning English pronunciation helps international students worry less about their accents. With this app, you can master pronunciations by simply memorizing a series of symbols tied to different sounds. Use the free version of this app to learn the various sounds, or upgrade to the premium version to get access to quizzes and practice exercises to further your understanding of English pronunciation.


Elevate lets you build your listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills in English without long hours of practice. With this app, you play games that require you to use English to win, giving your language skills the workout they need in a fun way. Even if you get an answer wrong, the correct answers are displayed, so you can see exactly where you made your mistake and learn from it the next time. Elevate gives you the benefits of your ESL homework but feels like a game.


If you have an iPhone, Siri can be your language practice partner. To ask Siri a question, you have to pronounce the English words correctly in order to get an answer, so you get a chance to work on your speaking skills. Through Siri’s answers, you hear proper pronunciation and learn the right ways to respond to certain questions.

Although technology is extremely helpful when you’re learning English, real-world, human interaction also matters. At ASC English in Boston, our ESL classes will give you the skills and confidence to go out and interact with the world. Find out more about our courses and enrollment by calling (617) 860-3212.