The GRE, or graduate record examination, is a standardized test designed to measure a student’s verbal reasoning, analytical writing, and critical thinking skills. The test is required for admission to the majority of graduate programs. If you’re an international student who needs to take the GRE, you may need to improve your English skills by taking ESL classes at your local language school.

How Important Is Your GRE Score?

While most graduate programs do require that students take the GRE as part of the university admissions process, each school may place a different level of emphasis on a student’s scores. Some schools may use the GRE as an admission formality, and the actual score a student receives may have no bearing admission. Other schools have very stringent GRE score requirements.

GRE Content

The GRE consists of five different test sections that are scored, and one test section that is required, but not scored. The first test section is analytical writing, during which students must compose two separate essays. There are then two verbal reasoning sections that evaluate students’ reading comprehension, vocabulary, and critical reasoning skills. There are also two quantitative reasoning sections that evaluate students’ math knowledge. The final section, which is un-scored, is the experimental section. This section is purely used by the Educational Testing Service to try out GRE questions for future exams.

How to Prepare for the GRE

If you’re enrolled in a local English school, your bilingual teacher can offer you a number of GRE test preparation options. Your school may provide a GRE prep class or GRE tutoring to prepare you for taking the GRE. You can also take practice GRE tests online, or look into private GRE tutors.

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