If you’re an international student who needs to take the GMAT as part of the university admissions process, you may benefit from GMAT tutoring at your local English School. ESL educators will offer valuable practice on each of the four sections of the GMAT. Before starting the university admissions process, you should become familiar with these four sections of the GMAT, then sign up for GMAT tutoring at your ESL school.

Quantitative Section

This section evaluates your knowledge of arithmetic, algebra, and geometry. It’s composed of 37 questions divided into two categories: data sufficiency, and problem solving. Data sufficiency questions provide you with two data statements, and you must determine if there’s enough data provided to successfully answer a question. Problem-solving questions are multiple choice, ask you to solve math problems by choosing the best of five possible answers.

Verbal Section

This section evaluates your English skills in writing, analyzing, and reading. It’s composed of 41 questions divided into three categories: critical reasoning, sentence correction, and reading comprehension. For critical reasoning, you’ll analyze, evaluate, and respond to brief arguments. Sentence correction questions are multiple choice, and ask you to correct a sentence by choosing the best of five possible answers. For reading comprehension, you’ll read passages related to business or science, then answer several questions about its theme, structure, and tone.

Integrated Reasoning Section

The integrated reasoning section contains four multi-step questions that measure your ability to evaluate information from different sources and in different formats.

Analytical Writing Section

In the analytical writing section, you’ll be presented with a brief argument. You’ll need to write an essay that discusses the structure and persuasiveness of the argument. Rather than giving your opinion, you’ll need to craft an unbiased critique of the argument.

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