The English language is one of the most commonly-spoken languages and is often considered the most influential language in the world. Whether you want to learn English to further your studies, your career, or your personal horizons, there are many benefits you can gain from attending a qualified English school.

Do you speak English?

Improved Cognitive Abilities

Learning a second language is one of the very best ways to keep your brain active and challenged. Studies have shown that the brain undergoes changes in electrical activity and even structure and size while learning another language that do not occur when learning any other type of task or skill. Learning another language offers important cognitive benefits at any age, helping to keep the mind active and even reducing the risk of mental disease and slowing mental decline later in life.

Improved Communication Skills

When you learn English as a second language, you are learning new ways to think and express yourself through written and spoken words. Learning multiple languages can help you communicate more clearly in any language as you learn more about how language itself works and how to use it to promote ideas and reach out to others in a variety of social and work situations.

Improved Social and Work Opportunities

ESL classes can open the door to new opportunities in life, whether you’d like to attend school or pursue a career in an English-speaking region of the world. Knowing English can help you excel in a number of fields, particularly those in which English is a commonly-used form of communication, such as science, business, and engineering.

Are you ready to learn English in Boston? At ASC English, our language school can help you prepare for the TOEFL exam or expand your English skills when you enroll in any one of our ESL courses. Our instructors provide personalized attention to help you excel during class and gain the grasp of English you need to communicate effectively in the future. Please call (617) 860-3212 or click through our website for additional details on our English school and ESL classes.