You’ve decided to extend your knowledge and learn English, but where should you start? There are many successful approaches to learning English, each offering its own benefits that are best for certain students. Studies have shown that a few different ways are best for learning English no matter what your background is or how much experience you have. From total immersion programs to dual learning, there might be several options available at your local English school.

Total Immersion

Immersion programs require students to learn in an English-only speaking classroom. No matter which language or languages the students speak, the teacher responds and teaches strictly in English. Studies have shown that total immersion can enhance the student’s proficiency in their native language, learning through word association and similarities. Other benefits include higher levels of comprehension and more confidence when speaking in the non-native language.

Dual Learning

Dual language learning, or bilingual learning, is a program in which English is taught alongside the class’ native language. The bilingual teacher will know both English and the native language to better assist his or her students. Dual learning has been found to be most beneficial for early-age learners as they are still learning how to speak and write correctly in their own language. Benefits of dual learning include a steady advancement of both languages, better working memory, and higher overall cognitive function. Both dual learning and total immersion approaches to English language learning have many merits, and each provide extensive opportunities to continuing your education in universities and working in English-speaking countries. Contact your local English school to learn more about the various options they provide.

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