English language school in Boston

There are so many great choices in Boston when you’re looking for the right university or college program. Studying at ASC English gives you the unique opportunity to gain acceptance to some of these wonderful schools without a TOEFL score, and we are delighted to announce our latest partnership with Wentworth Institute of Technology.

Located in central Boston, this school focuses on engineering, computing, design and business. Use your newly developed English skills to study one of these interesting courses and enjoy life on an exciting, historic campus. Here is what you need to know about Wentworth Institute of Technology.

A School with Lots of History

Wentworth Institute of Technology opened in 1911, and its official colors are black, gold and red. Its official mascot is the leopard, so don’t be surprised to see this animal mentioned a lot around campus. It is a co-educational, nationally ranked college that is proud of the curricular and extracurricular learning that it offers.

Students completing English for university studies will also find Wentworth’s location ideal. The campus is just a short distance from the historic baseball venue, Fenway Park, and is also very close to downtown Boston, where you can enjoy the excitement of student life.

Continue your studies in the great city of Boston

Continue your studies in the great city of Boston

Study at a Highly Ranked US School

The 2019 rankings from the US News and World Report show that Wentworth Institute of Technology is a great place to study after completing English language school in Boston. It achieved great results for its overall performance as a regional university, its undergraduate engineering programs, and value for money. This school is always happy to welcome ASC English graduates, and it’s a great place to continue your studies after bringing your English skills to the standard required.

Wentworth Offers Lots of Interesting Courses

Students who complete the Level 5 General English course at ASC English in Boston can be admitted to Wentworth Institute of Technology without a TOEFL score. That’s a great advantage when you’re trying to access top quality study programs, particularly in engineering.

Wentworth is proud of its engineering tradition and offers lots of different undergraduate and postgraduate choices. You can learn more about the human body in Biomedical Engineering, or get into a career in construction by choosing to study Civil, Electrical or Mechanical Engineering. There are also plenty of great options for students looking to study in different areas, including Industrial or Interior Design, Applied Mathematics, Business Management, and much more.

Enjoy Plenty of Great Activities after English Language School in Boston

Wentworth Institute of Technology wants students to develop both inside and outside the classroom. As a result, there is plenty to do on campus for students of all tastes, including organizations for people interested in architecture, math, robotics, and much more.

Boston is also a proud sports city, and you can play lots of them at Wentworth. There’s rugby, hockey, shooting, sailing, biking and ultimate frisbee available to keep you fit during your studies. You can also have fun by getting involved in clubs for chess, billiards or mobile app development.

There are fun social groups for whatever you’re interested in

There are fun social groups for whatever you’re interested in

Choose Boston to learn English for university studies.

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