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One of the most effective ways to learn English is to be surrounded by the language. Listening to new words and phrases on a daily basis can help you increase your vocabulary and get used to hearing the language as it is spoken.

Interesting and exciting listening activities can help students engage more fully in their learning as they progress through their courses. Consider some of these fun activities that will have you looking forward to your next English study session.

Movies and TV Shows Can Make Learning English Enjoyable

Movies and television shows can be entertaining ways to introduce English to students. During a movie, viewers will need to listen to the characters speaking in order to follow the storyline and understand what is happening. By listening attentively, learners can focus on the vocabulary and how each word is being used.

If they are viewing on a TV, students can also turn on subtitles as they watch. This gives them a chance to recognize new words and enhances their ability to practice their pronunciation. While listening to the words, they can be more precise in learning the proper sounds of each letter shown on screen, and can later try to emulate them during English language lessons.

Music is a Great Teaching Technique to Measure Progress in an Intensive English Course

Listening to music is a great activity that students can use to measure their progress during an intensive English course. Beginners should start by listening to calm, slow-paced music, as it may be easier for them to understand the lyrics and their meaning.

As they improve, they can begin to experiment with faster songs for more of a challenge. By listening to a variety of music, learners will notice an improvement in how well they recognize words and their pronunciations.

Music can energize students when learning English

Music can energize students when learning English

Music can also be a great way for a student to improve their mood during their studies. By creating playlists of songs by their favorite English-speaking bands and artists, they can create a daily activity that is fun, but also educational. Best of all, they can listen to it anywhere, including on the bus or train, as they revise, or just as they relax at home.

Conversations Allow Students to Listen and Practice Their Speaking Skills

Another listening exercise that is beneficial for students is finding other students or friends to have conversations with. Whether they are learning English as well or are fluent in the language, speaking to other people can be a great way to improve your listening skills and get used to hearing the language being spoken by people with different voices and accents.

Listening to others opens the door for new learning experiences

Listening to others opens the door for new learning experiences

By listening to others speak, students can test their level of understanding, and see if they can recognize specific words they have been exposed to during other listening activities. By practicing this exercise, students will be able to freely contribute to conversations with more and more people around them.

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