TOEFL test preparation

Everybody has their own method of taking notes in the classroom, but some are more effective than others. You will hear lots of information from your teachers during an English language course, and taking notes is necessary to remember as much as possible.

If you have a comprehensive set of notes, it will make a big difference when you are preparing for a TOEFL test. Fortunately, it is easy to develop good note-taking habits with a little bit of hard work and some organization. Here are five top tips that will help you to achieve great TOEFL results.

Is Writing Notes More Effective than Typing?

Typing notes on your laptop or tablet in the classroom might be easier, but research shows that writing notes can be more effective. You are likely to remember more if you write it down with a pen on paper. You are also less likely to get distracted if you are writing rather than using a computer. Drawing pictures that associate with English words is also an effective way to learn at ESL school.

Learn more by comparing your English notes with friends

Learn more by comparing your English notes with friends

Organize Notes so you can Find Information Easily

You need to be able to find information quickly when you’re preparing for an English exam, so keep your notes organized. Write the date on a new page at the start of every new class. It’s also a good idea to use separate notebooks for different parts of the English language, like vocabulary and verbs.

This is a chance to be creative, too. For example, you could use different colored pens for English words and their translations. You can make your notes attractive to look at, and they will be easier to read as a result.

Don’t Write Down too Much Information

Writing down everything that the teacher says is almost impossible. Listen and try to understand what they are saying first, and you can then write down notes in your own words. Short pieces of information are a lot easier to remember and read than long sentences.

This will make your preparation for English exams a lot easier. Don’t be afraid to ask teachers to repeat what they said if you didn’t hear it correctly, too. They might emphasize something that is particularly important to write down and remember.

Learn by Listening in TOEFL Courses

If you prefer to type your notes, then you could also use technology to help you remember them. Most computers have ‘text-to-speech’ software now, and this means you can hear back what you have written. Some people might find it easier to remember information by listening rather than reading their notes. This is called auditory learning, and it is an effective method for TOEFL test preparation.

How to use Mind Maps when Taking Notes

Mind maps are a method of note-taking where you write a title in the middle of the page, and lots of different ideas or words around it. It’s a great way to learn lists of English vocabulary, like types of food, transport or animals. It’s also easy to update mind maps with new words if you think of them a few hours or a few days later. This is another fun way of learning because you can use lots of different colors and symbols to help you memorize your English language notes.

Mind maps make learning more fun

Mind maps make learning more fun

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