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There are a lot of reasons why you might want to improve your English, whether your goal is to study at an English-language university, advance in your career or simply to challenge yourself and gain a new skill. Whatever your ultimate goal is, ESL school can be one of the best ways to quickly and effectively improve your English, with personal attention from instructors, a professionally designed curriculum and lots of opportunities to practice alongside other students.

If you think you might be ready to take the next step in your English learning and sign up for classes, here are four signs that ESL school is the right move for you.

You’re Missing Out on Opportunities Because of Your Limited English Skills

One clear sign that it might be time to take English classes is if you are missing out on opportunities because of your limited English knowledge or your lack of confidence in speaking. Some examples include not getting hired for jobs that require a higher level of proficiency, not taking classes because you don’t meet the language requirements, or missing out on fun cultural events because of the language barrier. If your English is limited, or if you lack confidence in your spoken English, ESL classes can be a great way to improve quickly and open yourself to a range of exciting new opportunities.

You Love English Movies, Television and Music

If you enjoy watching English-language movies or television, reading English books or websites or listening to English music or podcasts, then taking ESL classes could be the right move for you. Developing a better understanding of the English language can help you appreciate these works on a much higher level, as you learn how to understand deeper layers of meaning and don’t have to rely so much on subtitles or translations to enjoy them. Watching and listening to English-language media can also be great ways to practice your listening comprehension while taking ESL classes!

If you love English films, ESL school can help you appreciate them without the subtitles

If you love English films, ESL school can help you appreciate them without the subtitles

ESL School Can Help if You Feel Left Out of Life in Your City

Living in a big, busy, English-speaking city like Boston can be isolating if you don’t speak the language well. It can be difficult to approach strangers or start conversations and you might find it challenging to integrate and feel at home in the local culture. If you feel left out of the culture and life of your city because of your limited English, then ESL courses could be the perfect solution. By taking intensive English language courses in Boston, you can develop a strong conversational understanding of the language while meeting new people.

ESL courses can be a great way to meet new people and feel less excluded

ESL courses can be a great way to meet new people and feel less excluded

You Feel Like You’ve Learned as Much as You Can on Your Own

Things like mobile apps, computer programs and textbooks can be helpful in learning a new language, but they can only take you so far. You can use them to learn simple grammar and vocabulary, but for more nuanced or complicated aspects of English, they’re not sufficient. They can’t answer questions, correct your pronunciation or give you feedback and personalized advice. This is why it’s so important for anyone trying to master a language to take in-person classes at ESL school, with a professional ESL teacher and alongside other students you can practice with.

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