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The Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) is one standardized test that non-native English speakers can use to demonstrate their language proficiency. The TOEFL is accepted by more than 10 000 universities in over 150 countries – including those in the US – as a credible source of your English proficiency, but in order to get a good score and impress American universities, you should make sure you’re using the best resources available to prepare for taking the test.

Applying to an English-speaking university or college in the United States often comes with its own unique challenges, but taking the right steps can help prepare you to meet their admission standards. If you want to study in the US but don’t know where to start, read on to find out how taking a TOEFL preparation course can help you prepare for the schools you want to attend.

TOEFL Preparation Can Give You the Admission Advantage

Unless you have studied in the US previously for a significant amount of time, a majority of American educational institutions will require some form of certification or reassurance that you have a working knowledge of the English language.

Applying to a school in America can be complicated, as well as competitive. TOEFL test preparation classes can give you access to valuable test-taking strategies, classroom experience in an English-speaking setting and individualized meetings with instructors to improve areas you may struggle with. This can help prepare you with the comprehensive knowledge you need to succeed when taking the TOEFL, which will provide an advantage when you impress the admission faculty with a stellar TOEFL score.

One-On-One TOEFL Preparation Can Help Improve Your English Proficiency

What sets ASC English apart from other schools is our dedication to providing personal attention to our students as they prepare to take the TOEFL. Twice a month, our teachers host an individual tutoring session with each student, which helps draw attention to their strengths as well as areas they may need extra help with. This can help optimize your TOEFL score, further increasing your chances of being accepted into the American university or school you want to attend.

Our instructors work closely with you during your TOEFL preparation course to help increase your confidence in speaking, writing and listening in an academic English-language setting, which gives you an advantage as you get ready to take the TOEFL and start your education in America.

ASC English helps prepare students for success in America

ASC English helps prepare students for success in America

Gain Real Experience with the English Language with TOEFL Preparation

Many schools consider your TOEFL score to demonstrate your levels of proficiency with the language, and how capable you are of learning and interacting in an English-speaking educational setting.

Like most languages, English is often used differently in a formal academic environment than in more casual interactions. You may have experience learning English by watching English language television or movies, listening to music or reading, but this doesn’t necessarily teach you the right skills you need to study and work successfully at an American school.

Taking TOEFL preparation course can boost the English language skills you need to communicate with your professors, faculty and classmates, which can increase your immersion and experience during your studies in the US.

TOEFL preparation can help prepare you for a deeper understanding of English in an academic setting

TOEFL preparation can help prepare you for a deeper understanding of English in an academic setting

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