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In today’s modern world, there are many different options to choose from when it comes to learning English. Television, radio, online courses, and the Internet are all useful resources that you can use to further your knowledge of the English language, but sometimes the best lessons are the ones that you receive in person.

English language courses give you the chance to meet face-to-face with a qualified instructor as you improve your English proficiency. There are many advantages to this style of learning, from gaining valuable experience with English through real-world practice with conversation and writing, to receiving personalized feedback from your class instructor. Feedback is an important part of learning English as a second language and can do more than draw attention to your specific strengths and weaknesses—it can also make you feel confident and capable as you continue to improve your proficiency.

If you want to know how personal feedback can provide you with an advantage while you learn English, read on to find out more!

Feedback Can Help Improve Your Confidence and Motivation as You Learn English

The English language can be full of contradictions and complex layers of vocabulary, grammar, and rules, and it can be difficult to know when and if you’re using the language correctly. This can sometimes make people feel less than confident with their English skills, but personal feedback can help you feel more comfortable and capable as you continue to learn English.

Students at ASC can rely on the support of their experienced and dedicated instructors
Students at ASC can rely on the support of their experienced and dedicated instructors

Staying motivated during your English language courses is an important part of your success in the language itself, but it can be hard if you haven’t reached a level of proficiency where you feel confident with your English skills. You may even become frustrated if you feel that you aren’t progressing, but your instructors are there to highlight the areas you’re doing well in and give you a more positive perspective, which can make you feel supported as you grow more fluent in the English language.

Personal feedback from your instructor, whether they are helping you learn how to pronounce something, complimenting your recent coursework, or offering constructive notes, can help you feel confident and less discouraged. It can also give you the motivation you need to follow through with your lessons and reinforce your dedication as you as you work to improve your English proficiency.

Instructor Feedback Can Help You Improve Your English Writing Skills

Writing can be difficult, particularly if you’re a non-native English speaker who is still learning how to express your thoughts and opinions in a different language. The rules of English grammar can be confusing for many people, and on top of that, you’re also constantly learning new words and phrases and figuring out how to apply them to your writing.

Your instructors in English as a second language courses are there to help support you as you learn more about the English language, and that includes offering feedback in areas like writing. This can be nonverbal, like commentary written in page margins, or verbal, such as taking you step by step through the text of your course material to help you understand its grammatical and written structure.

Personal feedback can be very useful as you develop your writing skills
Personal feedback can be very useful as you develop your writing skills

No matter the method, constructive feedback from a qualified instructor can provide valuable information that helps you understand written English in a deeper, more meaningful way, perhaps even in a context you hadn’t considered before or one that you can’t learn from media like television or radio. Written English can operate very differently from other forms of communication, and it’s important to make sure you have an experienced teacher who can draw your attention to specific nuanced areas that you may otherwise have overlooked.

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