English as a second language
One of the benefits of learning a new language is being able to communicate with people from all over the world. By studying at an English language school, you’ll have the opportunity to build friendships with people from many diverse backgrounds. At ASC English, we believe that this sense of community and belonging should be a part of your English learning adventure from the very beginning
That’s why attending our school feels more like spending time with family rather than going to class. As student Genesis from Venezuela says, “One of the best things about ASC English is that you get to feel as part of a big family. I really consider it as my second home and I love everyone there.”

Read on to learn why a sense of community is so important for your English-learning success.

ASC English Helps Students Feel Like They Are at a Home Away From Home

Living in a new country can be difficult. The culture is different, you may have trouble understanding the language, and you probably miss your friends and family back home. Meeting new people is essential to feeling like you belong in your new country. At ASC English, our staff members and instructors do everything they can to make you feel like our school is your second home while you’re in Boston.

Our students often say that studying at ASC English feels like family

Our students often say that studying at ASC English feels like family

ASC English student Tsetsenchimeg from Mongolia says that “Studying in ASC was definitely one of the best decisions I have ever made. I believe that ASC is not a mere school, but family. The employees of ASC always prioritize students.”

Tsetsenchimeg even says that the ASC English staff helped during a challenging incident: “One day I got a scam call and got so scared. But [Program Manager] Gretchen put a lot of time and effort to help me, even though it was not school related.” That assistance is just one example of how our friendly staff members try to make students feel supported.

Being Part of a Family Helps You Feel Confident Using English as a Second Language

Feeling like you’re part of a family can even help you improve your English. After all, to get better at learning English as a second language you need to practice speaking and be willing to make mistakes. To do that, you should feel comfortable being around the people you’re speaking to.

That’s why, when you’re part of the ASC English family, your English training doesn’t feel like work. Instead, it is fun and enjoyable! Since the staff and instructors are there to support you, you don’t have to be shy about making mistakes. Our school makes practicing English feel like you’re simply speaking with friends and family members, not strangers, and that helps your English improve more quickly.

By feeling like part of a family, we help you become more confident speaking English

By feeling like part of a family, we help you become more confident speaking English

As student Carolina from Brazil says, “The staff makes all students feel welcome and part of the school, and they are always willing to help us with any questions. The way the teachers and staff encourage us to talk and put ourselves outside to try new things is amazing.”

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