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At ASC English, our teachers regularly go above and beyond to help students succeed. Not only are they highly knowledgeable, they are also passionate about helping students progress and reach their goals.

That dedication is why so many of our students comment on how much they appreciate their instructors. Let’s look at what some of those students say and why having a great teacher is so important for learning English.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Teachers Can Help You Learn English

Teachers should know a lot about the English language and about effective teaching methods. Fortunately, ASC English’s teachers are highly trained and have years of experience teaching international students. When your teacher is knowledgeable and experienced, they can help you with any challenges you may have.

As Tsetsenchimeg from Mongolia says, “I appreciate the fact that all teachers and other employees are intelligent, experienced and work so hard. They have a lot of knowledge about diverse culture, so students do not struggle with communicating or participating in classes. We learn countless new things easily in ASC, because our teachers are very skillful and always motivate us.”

Compassionate Teachers Can Inspire You to Participate in Your ESL Lessons

Of course, knowledge of English isn’t all that matters in an ESL teacher. To really succeed in your ESL lessons, you want teachers who inspire you and who care about your progress. The teachers at ASC English are exceptional for their friendly and caring attitude, which can make it easier for you to learn English.

For example, Genesis from Venezuela was nervous about speaking in class because she didn’t want to make any mistakes. However, as she says, “The teachers and staff with their energy and their good techniques, as being friendly and comprehensive, encouraged me to confront my fear and now I can say that even though I do mistakes sometimes I feel confidence when I speak.”

The teachers at ASC English strive to make classes comfortable for everyone to participate in

The teachers at ASC English strive to make classes comfortable for everyone to participate in

As Genesis’ case shows, when your teacher is friendly and compassionate, you are more likely to feel comfortable speaking English in front of them. The more you speak and practice English, the better you will get. As Carolina from Brazil says, “The way the teachers and staff encourage us to talk and put ourselves outside to try new things is amazing.”

Great Teachers Can Identify Your Areas of Weakness and Help You Improve Upon Them

Every student learns differently. Some students may find reading in English to be fairly easy, but may have difficulty speaking the language. For others, listening may be challenging, while writing can feel simple. That’s why the teachers at our ESL school in the USA give each student individualized attention. By focusing on your specific needs, your teacher can help you progress faster.

Our teachers give students individualized attention so that they can progress quickly

Our teachers give students individualized attention so that they can progress quickly

For example, Xi from China says, “I started from level four and now I am in level six. My English skill is progressing because our teachers and all staffs of ASC are professional, open minded and helpful.”

Focusing on addressing your areas of weakness can also help you achieve whatever your language-learning goals may be, such as getting into university. That was the case for Gizem from Turkey who says, “Because of ASC, I improved my English and reach to my goal which was getting accepted for master program.” Clearly, our teachers have a record of helping students accomplish great things!

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