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The TOEFL Writing section is also known as the essay section, and it is the last section of the test. For some, the last section might be easier because they are “warmed up” after doing the other sections. For others, writing may be more difficult because they are tired.

Whether writing is exciting, intimidating, or something in between for you, valuable classroom time with qualified instructors can help you raise your writing score.How? Keep reading to find out!

Integrated versus Independent Questions

There are two parts of the writing section, and it is important to know the difference. You are given a total of 50 minutes to do two tasks. Here is how they compare:

Integrated Writing task:

  • Format: listen to a short lecture and read a passage
  • Task: write the answer to a question based on the lecture and passage
  • Goal: 150 – 225 words
  • 20 minutes

Independent Writing task:

  • Format: A general question asking for your opinion
  • Task: write a short essay supporting your opinion
  • Goal: 300 words or more
  • 30 minutes

English language courses in Boston

Learning writing skills with classmates and qualified teachers will boost your confidence

When you do TOEFL preparation in Boston, expert instructors will guide you through the steps to answering these questions so you know exactly what to do on test day. The supportive environment and your familiarity with the questions will help you feel comfortable and confident.

Improve Paraphrasing Skills During TOEFL Training

Paraphrasing is the art of repeating or re-writing something in a different way.This is an important skill to learn, and can help you build English language proficiency.

Paraphrasing is especially important for the integrated writing task. During the lecture, you should take notes and try to notice which points are also mentioned in the reading. Paraphrasing will help you answer the question in your own words.

To improve this skill,you can work on practice questions with instructors who will give you individual feedback during TOEFL training. Outside of the classroom, you can read short magazine articles, or listen to English podcasts and then paraphrase them.

TOEFL training

Study synonyms and learn useful phrases to improve your paraphrasing skills

Take Time to Organize Your Ideas

For both tasks in the writing section, you will need to take notes and organize your ideas. This may take a few minutes, but it will make your task much easier. For the independent writing task, try the following steps:

  • Brainstorming: write down your opinion and all the ideas that come to mind. You don’t have to use all of them! It’s better to have more ideas than not enough.
  • Outline: write down the order in which you want to present your ideas. This will help you build a logical argument and save time once you start writing.

For the independent task, you are essentially answering two questions:

  1. What is your opinion?
  2. Why?

It’s ok if you do not feel strongly about the answer. The important thing is to show that you can express ideas in writing.

Practice Tests and More

Doing timed practice tests and receiving feedback from instructors will play a major role in your success. When you do practice tests, you will work on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary.

If you are not comfortable with the English “QWERTY” keyboard, make sure that you take extra time to familiarize yourself with it so you can focus on your essay skills. Try out these tips and learn more from classes. You will see improvements before you know it!

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