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A high score on the TOEFL test shows universities and colleges that you have the level of fluency needed to study in English. A good score also means you have learned how to study well.

The work you do to prepare and the habits your form when you study for the TOEFL will help you succeed in university, college, and beyond. Keep reading to learn more about how to build study skills for success.

Understand the TOEFL Test Format

When you complete TOEFL courses, you will have an advantage because you will understand the format of the test.

The TOEFL consists of four sections. Each section is relevant to the type of skills you need to do well in school and work. Take a look:

  • Section 1, Reading: you will be comfortable reading your textbooks for classes
  • Section 2, Listening: you will get the most out of lectures and information sessions
  • Section 3, Speaking: you will be ready to ask questions and give presentations
  • Section 4, Writing: you will be ready to write essays and other written assignments

With the support of instructors who have years of experience, you will be able to prepare for each section of the test and enter the next phase of your life with confidence. After you write the TOEFL, your study skills and habits will support you so you can achieve your goals.

TOEFL training

A qualified instructor can help you understand the format of the TOEFL

TOEFL Training Gets You Ready for University and More

The preparation and practice you do for the TOEFL will also help you develop important skills for university, where you will do exams and tests every semester.  After university, you may also do tests for:

  • Getting a professional license
  • Graduate school, law school or medical school
  • Employers in the technology industry, or other technical areas
  • And more!

You can use your experience preparing for the TOEFL to prepare for the other tests you have to do. Each test has a specific format that you can learn the same way you will learn the TOEFL format.

Work on Your Memorization Skills

When you learn a foreign language, memorization is part of the learning process. This refers to your ability to learn something and then recall it. For example, you might work on memorization by:

  • Using vocabulary flashcards
  • Writing down lists of irregular verbs
  • Practicing how to spell difficult words

The practice you do to memorize elements of the English language for the TOEFL will prepare you to learn new information quickly, which is a useful skill.

TOEFL preparation in Boston

The skills you use to learn a new language will help you learn other things too

Also, as your English skills improve, it will become easier to learn new vocabulary and express yourself with more difficult language because of the work you did in your TOEFL training. Your memorization skills will also give you confidence to learn more as you enter university, college, or your career.

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