The recent outbreak of COVID-19 stopped a lot of summer plans for students, adults, and families. Maybe you were planning to spend the summer on vacation, traveling, working, or even attending a summer language school. 

But even though country borders and school doors might be closed, social distancing doesn’t need to affect your language learning. Students at ASC English can continue to improve their English speaking skills from home with online courses this summer. 

You will be able to improve your English vocabulary, pronunciation, listening, and speaking skills with a native speaker over video or audio call. Discover three reasons why this summer is the perfect time to work towards your language goals with online speaking courses. 

Online ESL Lessons Are Flexible 

One of the main benefits of an online English speaking course is that it’s flexible. You can study when and where it suits you. Whether it’s a cozy 30-minute evening conversation session on the sofa, or a two-hour midday class at the kitchen table, you can study when you want to. 

As well as this, you do not need to spend time commuting to and from class. This is perfect for students that want to improve their English language skills but do not have a lot of free time. 

Learn From a Native 

The best way to improve your English speaking skills is to practice with native speakers. This means a person who has spoken English since early childhood. You will learn to understand native accents and common idioms and slang so that you are well prepared to speak English in the real world. 

However, how do you practice with a native English speaker from home? Students enrolled in ESL lessons with ASC English will be able to practice with a native speaker through video or audio call. This means that they will be able to improve their pronunciation and accent with a native.

Students at ASC English can improve their English language skills with a native speaker

Prepare for College or Work 

English speaking skills can help you to succeed in all aspects of life. If you are planning to attend an English-speaking college or university in the fall, an online summer course will ensure that you are well prepared to succeed. 

An online course could also help you to prepare for an important English interview. Not only will you be more confident speaking English, but you will be familiar with speaking English over video or the phone.  

An English speaking summer course could prepare you for an important job interview

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