The best way to improve your English speaking and listening skills is to speak regularly with native English speakers. A conversation partner who has spoken English since childhood already knows the language you want to learn, and what comes so naturally to them can be shared! 

A lot of the grammar and language that English speakers learn over years of practice can be taught through basic conversation. Remember, no language is easy to learn on your own, but it can be made easier when listening to the correct pronunciation and accent. 

Learn English With Real Conversation

When you speak English to someone who is not a native speaker, you will probably speak in a simple way that is easy for you both to understand. However, you might find that it doesn’t prepare you for conversations with others in English.

A native speaker is more confident than someone who speaks English as a second or third language, so your conversations will probably be more challenging, and prepare you better to use English in the real world.

Learn From Your Mistakes 

Having a native friend to practice with can change everything. When you learn English, you are bound to make mistakes, but the worst thing would be never to know and continue making the same mistakes. 

Native speakers know what sounds right and what doesn’t, and can help correct you as you improve your English conversation skills. Knowing that you’ve learned from your mistakes will make you a bolder speaker with the confidence that you are improving.

A native speaker can correct your mistakes

Learn by Listening 

Learning to listen is the first step to learning a new language. When we listen to others, we will naturally copy what they say. By listening to a native English speaker, you get a better understanding of what English sounds like in everyday use, how words are pronounced, and common phrases and expressions. 

You’ll also have the advantage of learning a more approachable and less academic conversation style, which makes it easier to speak to more natives and feel even more comfortable with your new language skills. 

A Native English Speaker Could Keep You Motivated 

Often when learning a language, we are told to constantly practice, but it can be really hard when we don’t have the right kind of motivation. Practicing with a native speaker while you are doing an English speaking course will keep you motivated. 

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