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Academic writing is an important skill to have, but it’s something that many students struggle with. Writing is a difficult thing to get better at, but with consistent practice and the right guidance, it’s definitely possible. As an international student, learning how to improve your English academic writing can be intimidating. Fortunately, the end result is more than worth it. 

Good English writing skills will not only help you during school, but throughout the rest of your life. Here are three ways that English school can help you to improve your academic English writing. 

English School Will Help You Expand Your Vocabulary

One of the most important parts of academic writing is the vocabulary used. An interesting selection of words will take your paper from ‘good’ to ‘great.’ In addition, the more English vocabulary you know, the better you’ll be able to express your ideas. 

Good vocabulary will help you to write clearly and make strong arguments, which will help you to improve an academic paper. At English school, you’ll be able to expand your vocabulary by taking classes that focus on English vocabulary. Learning new words will make it easier for you to put your thoughts onto paper, and will improve the quality of your academic writing. This will help you to write an interesting paper that isn’t repetitive. 

ESL school in Boston

English school will help you to expand your vocabulary and improve your confidence

Improving Your English Speaking and Reading Confidence Will Help Your Writing

When taking English language courses, you’ll improve your ability to speak and read in English. By improving these skills, you will improve your ability to write academic papers. For example, by improving your reading skills, you might have an easier time reading through academic sources and doing research. By improving your speaking skills, you can improve your confidence and ability to express your ideas. 

At ASC English, an ESL school in Boston, students have the opportunity to learn and practice their English in a classroom setting. Classes are focused on reading, writing, speaking, listening, and more, all of which will help you to build the English language skills necessary to improve your academic writing. The more comfortable you are with English, the better your writing will be. 

At ESL School, You Can Ask Your Teachers for Advice

There are plenty of resources available to you at ESL school, which you can use to improve your academic writing. For example, your teachers are always available to give you advice on your writing. 

You can ask them questions that you might have about your vocabulary and sentence structure. If you’re ever unsure about your academic writing, your teachers at ESL school can help you to work through some problems you are having. They may suggest some specific English language skills that you can work on or give you some tips. With practice and advice from your teachers, your academic writing skills are sure to improve.

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