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If English isn’t your first language, learning 100 new English words all in one day might sound impossible. How will you be able to remember all of that new information? While it might seem scary, learning new words, even 100 of them, doesn’t have to be difficult. Experts say that you’re able to say and understand 90% of English if you know 2,000 – 3,000 words. That means you could learn all the words you need to know in as little as 20 days! If you’re taking courses in English, there are plenty of strategies you can use to not just memorize new vocabulary, but use them every day when you are speaking in English. Here are a few ways that you can learn new words. 

You Can Learn Word Families to Improve Your Vocabulary

When it comes to learning new words, you might not know where to start. One useful trick is to identify word families, which are made up of one “root word” with many different forms. Think of the word ‘walk’. This one word has four words that are related to it, like walks, walking, walked, and walker. Learning word families will not only increase the amount of words you’re learning, but will also help you to improve your English skills. With word families, you’ll be able to use different forms of the word in many different situations and conversations.

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Learning word families can help you increase your vocabulary

You Can Learn Words in Categories 

There are plenty of words to learn at ESL school. You might want to learn about the vocabulary used to order food at a restaurant, give a business presentation, or read the newspaper, for example. 

It’s easier to learn English vocabulary through resources like word lists. You can do this by putting words into categories to be learned together. For example, you can learn words in categories such as “Sports,” “Workplace,” “Foods,” and more. Learning new vocabulary in categories will help you to learn more words in a shorter amount of time. Because you’re learning words that are connected with one another, you’ll be able to relate the words to each other, which will help with memorization. 

Practice New Words With Classmates at ESL School

One of the most helpful ways to remember new vocabulary words is to practice speaking them out loud right after you learn them. This will help your brain remember how the word is supposed to sound, and how it can be used in a sentence. Practicing new words out loud is easier if you’re in English school. There, you’ll have classmates available to practice having conversations with, using the new vocabulary you just learned. Having conversations immediately after learning the words will ensure that you remember them and are able to use them in future conversations. It will make learning 100 new words a day much easier!

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At ESL school, you’ll be able to remember new vocabulary words by practicing them with classmates

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