For any business major, communication and negotiation are important skills. Today, English is the primary language of business communications across the world. If you’re looking to start your career in the business world, understanding English at a high level can help to prepare you for success. 

For business majors with strong English language skills, there are many opportunities that await in the professional world. Almost every company needs business professionals to help with a number of different tasks. That’s why business jobs are among the most high-paid in the world. 

Here are some of the top jobs open to business graduates, and how ESL courses can help you succeed in them. 

1. Business English School Can Help You Find Work as an Accountant 

If you’re graduating from business school, you might be interested in working as an accountant. Accountants are responsible for running a company’s financial records, by reading and analyzing data. Because accountants are expected to keep records of company money, it’s important that you can understand and read information accurately. Additionally, you may need to present business plans to the company team. Being able to communicate confidently in English will help you to appear more professional when presenting in an international business setting. 

When practicing your English skills, you should pay attention to new words and try to use them in the correct context. After business English school, you’ll have a better grasp of common vocabulary and phrases used by professional accountants in the business world, such as “debit,” “credit,” and “payroll.” 

Students of business ESL will become familiar with using professional terms and phrases

2. Help Companies Manage Finances as an Investment Banker

Investment banking is one of the highest paying sectors in the business world. Investment bankers work to help individuals or companies manage their financial accounts. They advise clients on how to raise money for their company, and the best places to invest that money. 

As investment bankers work directly with their clients, they need to be able to communicate effectively. Clients need to believe in your abilities as a business professional before they trust you with their finances. 

Developing strong English skills can help you build positive relationships with your international clients. As English is the universal language of the business world, speaking English fluently will help you to expand your potential to connect with new clients across different countries. By teaching you the terms of the professional world, business ESL will help you to look and feel more confident in a business setting.

3. Introduce IT Solutions as a Business Analyst 

Teamwork is often at the heart of a successful business. If you like the idea of working alongside others, business analysts work with a team to develop information technology solutions for companies. Business analysts evaluate different opportunities and recommend ways to improve company processes. 

As a business analyst, one of your most important jobs is to communicate with everyone involved in the project, to ensure every part of the plan runs smoothly. A good business English program will help you to practice speaking and presenting in front of an audience. You will learn how to act professionally in meetings by speaking clearly, and focusing your attention on each person in the room. 

Business analysts need to be able to communicate clearly and confidently in a group setting

4. Help Clients Plan and Budget as a Financial Advisor

Financial advisors help individuals to plan and budget their money. They are responsible for evaluating a client’s financial situation and developing a long-term strategy based on their needs. Financial advisors can find work in many different industries and types of businesses. They often help their clients to improve their financial situation by researching market trends and encouraging good investments. 

Business majors who want to work as a financial advisor will need to understand a number of specialized terms, including “debt management” and “tax budgeting.” Enrolling in a business English program will give students the chance to learn the correct meaning of these terms and how to use them appropriately in business. 

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