If you’re looking to start your career in the world of business, you first need to have a strong understanding of the English language. English is a universal language of the business world today and the primary language for communications and negotiations across the US and the globe. That’s why it’s important to feel confident in your English-speaking skills, specifically speaking in a business setting.

Before starting an MBA program in the US, you’ll want to feel comfortable expressing yourself alongside native English speakers. Business English lessons are a great way to get started. You will strengthen your writing, speaking, and listening skills, with classes teaching specific vocabulary and phrases common to the business world. 

Here are the benefits of learning Business English before starting your MBA program.

Learn How To Communicate Well with Business ESL

Naturally, to work in a business environment you will need to have strong English language skills. But you will also need to understand common methods of negotiation in the business world. Both in your MBA program and in a business workplace, you will be expected to work well alongside your colleagues. Being able to communicate quickly and effectively with clients and other business professionals is essential. 

A good Business English program will prepare you for a higher level of English comprehension. Students in an MBA program in the US will learn business language, leadership skills, and economic theory. Some of these topics can be challenging, fast-paced, and packed with new information. By developing a strong base in English communication, you will find it easier to follow along in your MBA program. You can be prepared to learn more about the specifics of business, without worrying about whether you can communicate well with your professors and classmates. 

Prepare for an MBA by learning how to communicate in a business setting

Business English Lessons Will Teach You Popular Phrases Used in the Workplace 

In a business environment, you will probably be exposed to new vocabulary and phrases that are not commonly used in everyday English. Being able to understand and use these specific terms will help you to feel more comfortable in a business setting. 

When negotiating in a meeting, you might hear one of the following professional phrases:

  1. “We propose these terms”
  2. “We will consider your offer”
  3. “We will compromise”

In an MBA program, you will be expected to understand common business language so you can negotiate effectively. Becoming familiar with these terms will help you to get started with your studies, and kickstart your career in the business world. 

Business ESL will teach you common phrases to use when negotiating

Get a Head Start On Your MBA Program at ASC English and Cambridge College

If you want to get your professional career going, consider starting your MBA this summer in Boston. Many students enrolled in Business ESL are college-bound, and ASC English has close partnerships with other Boston-based schools. Students who complete the Level 5 course at ASC English are able to meet the English proficiency requirement at Cambridge College and may be admitted to Cambridge College without a TOEFL score. In partnership, Cambridge College and ASC English are running a program this summer designed for all students Level 4 and up. Students will have the chance to earn 6 credits towards their MBA at Cambridge College from June 11 to August 13. This is a great opportunity for international students accepted at Cambridge College on an F1 visa, hoping to continue their studies this summer. Those students can continue to take online Business Writing classes at Cambridge College while earning credit for Business English lessons in-person with ASC English. 

Do you want to learn how ASC English can help you get your MBA at Cambridge College?

ASC English is holding an Open House on May 12, 2021 for students interested in learning more about available programs!