With one out of four people on the planet speaking English, there’s no denying it’s the official language of the business world. If you’re struggling with writing emails, or drafting letters and reports in English, this could be holding you back from many opportunities. Improving your business English writing skills can help you to communicate more clearly with your colleagues and clients, in addition to saving you some serious time. 

Read on to discover more about the top writing skills you’ll learn from a business English program, and why it’s worth putting the effort in to improve your writing.

Business English Courses Can Improve Your Email Writing Skills

Knowing how to write an effective email can get you far in the business world. Email is the primary form of communication for most businesses, and when you improve your email writing skills with a business English program, you’ll be able to communicate and make transactions with ease. When writing a business email in English, it’s important to be as clear and straightforward as possible. No one has time to read a long email, and clients will be more likely to disregard an email if the main point is not obvious. 

Business English courses will help you to write more effective emails

Start an email with a simple greeting, such as “Dear __” or “Hello ___”. This greeting can be followed by a few short sentences explaining the purpose of your email. Additionally, make sure that your recipient knows whether there are any actions needed on their end. Do they need to RSVP to a meeting invite? Do they need to give their input on an ongoing project? Whatever the situation, make sure to state it clearly in your email with as few words as possible. Not only will this make writing emails in English faster—it will also make it easier for you, as you don’t need to use complicated vocabulary to get your point across.

You’ll Learn How to Write Reports

Reports in any business should show an audience what the data collected demonstrates in simple terms. When writing a report in English, knowing how to use short sentences and paragraphs will help you to draft something that’s easy to understand. In business English courses, you may learn how to write reports using clear “Headers” (titles) for each of the sections. Selecting a clear header will help your audience to know what the next section contains. 

Below the header, your text should clearly state what the data shows, what the objective is and what the audience can learn from the report. Writing an effective and simple report will help you to advance within the business world as your colleagues will be able to easily understand and appreciate your work.

Taking business English classes can help you to improve in writing reports

A Business English Program Will Teach You How to Write to Persuade

Persuasion is a fundamental aspect of doing business. If you’re working in the English business world, you’ll need to be able to write letters or emails that persuade clients to use your services or products in order to close a transaction. Taking business English lessons can help you to learn techniques you can use to convince clients effectively in English. 

When writing to persuade, the first step is to give the client a reason to do business with you. In most cases, this means writing in simple terms about a problem that they could be facing. Next, show them how your services could solve their problem. Lastly, end your argument with a call to action. This is a phrase that tells the client what their next step is in doing business with you.

When you learn the skills to improve your business writing with a specialized program in English, you’ll become better at communicating and making deals effectively in the workplace.

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