Studying at an English university presents new opportunities to improve your language comprehension and gain access to employment opportunities across the world. Companies and businesses are looking to hire employees with a degree from a top university and who are able to communicate effectively. Nowadays, English is an international language of work and study. With strong English language skills, you will gain the confidence to operate in different contexts. 

At ASC English, many of our students are college-bound. To help those students, ASC English has built relationships with colleges and universities across the Boston area. Students will gain the language skills they need to achieve their university goals and get advice on the best path to academic success. Here’s a closer look at how you can benefit from our university partnerships!

Attend Top Universities After English Language School in Boston

Nowadays, English is the language of global business communications. Many employers are looking to hire graduates who demonstrate a strong level of English comprehension. With a degree from a top English university, graduates can improve their chances of employment at many English-speaking and international companies.

Boston is home to some of the best universities in the world. To help students access these opportunities, ASC English has built relationships with several two and four-year colleges and universities across the Boston area. Students who complete the Level 4 or 5 ESL courses at our English school may be admitted to one of our partner universities without the need for a TOEFL score. Quincy College, Cambridge College, and the Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology are just a few of the universities open to successful ESL students. 

ESL school can improve your chances of attending a top English language university

Apply to Graduate Programs 

Among the most prestigious universities in the Boston area is Northeastern University. Northeastern is a private research school that boasts a top world ranking and a diverse student population. With strong corporate connections, the school offers interactive learning programs that go beyond the undergraduate level. 

For students with ambitions to work in the business world, the Graduate Certificate for Advanced Study in Management is a chance for international students to earn 15 MBA-level graduate credits at Northeastern University’s School of Business. Students who study at our English language school in Boston and complete ASC’s Level 5 ESL course have the chance to gain admission into this graduate program. With advanced English comprehension, students at ASC will have access to opportunities to kickstart their educational and professional careers. 

Students who complete our Level 5 ESL course may apply to a graduate program in Boston

Improve Your English Language Level

In today’s professional world, a university certificate or degree is the best way to compete in the modern workforce. Additionally, studying in English can improve your chances of employment at many international companies where communication in English is essential. By completing courses at ASC English, students may be admitted to some of the top universities in the United States. 

At a university level, you will improve your comprehension of advanced topics, technical vocabulary, and professional idioms in English. University instructors may speak quickly to explain complex terms and ideas beyond the language of everyday conversation. By developing your English reading, writing, and speaking comprehension, you can improve your knowledge and success in your academic studies. With a good ESL program, you will be ready to take on the challenges of university studies and set the path for your professional career. 

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