Taking steps to improve your English skills will allow you to enjoy a more professionally and personally rewarding life in your business endeavors around the world. The vocabulary used in a business setting often differs from the vocabulary used in a social setting, making it important to know how to use the English language in each environment.

You can improve your ability to write and speak in English in order to benefit the business and social interactions you have over the phone, through email, in person, and during presentations. Our experienced, caring and professional instructors understand the challenges ESL learners face, no matter what stage they are in. Read on to learn how you can boost your vocabulary by taking a course in business English.

Practice Pronunciation with Guidance 

Modules of this program focus on different topics, including extensive pronunciation practice. It’s one difficult task to learn and memorize new vocabulary, but trying to remember proper pronunciation is another challenge. The best way to get comfortable with new words and be able to use them in your day to day work is to practice their proper pronunciation.

You’ll be on your way to rapid mastery of business ESL with the guidance and support of highly qualified instructors that work with you to ensure your understanding of the material. They are dedicated to assisting you in your studies to make sure you succeed, and practicing pronunciation with an expert is incredibly helpful to becoming familiar with each word. 

Practice pronunciation with the guidance of experienced instructors to master your vocabulary

Learn Idioms in Business English Courses

Expanding your vocabulary with  business English courses will help you further understand common expressions used in business settings. A common idiom used in business is that an outcome is “a long shot,” meaning that the outcome is unlikely to happen. Another common idiom used in the corporate world is to “go back to the drawing board,” meaning to start over on your task from the beginning as it isn’t working out as hoped. Incorporating these idioms into your vocabulary lessons is important for your success in understanding and communicating in business English.

Learning common idioms used in a corporate setting will help you excel in business communications

Socialize with Colleagues to Boost Your Confidence

Your colleagues will want to excel just as much as you do, and you can practice together to become more comfortable and confident in using your newly learned vocabulary. Socializing with these colleagues allows you to learn, make mistakes, and improve in a safe space with others that are able to assist you. 

Practicing with your colleagues in a variety of situations can help you become well-rounded in your business English vocabulary. Sending each other practice formal emails, conversing in a more casual environment, and giving presentations to each other are all great ways to master your new skills. Preparing for communication across many different scenarios will give you the tools you need to succeed in business endeavors around the world!

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