English for Pilots

Improve your English AND become a pilot in the USA!

ASC English is excited to announce a new partnership with AVIER,
a flight school located in Beverly, MA!

Why do I need to learn English to become a pilot?
English is the language of the aviation industry. It is used to communicate with Air Traffic Control (ATC) and other pilots all over the world. In order to qualify to become a commercial or a private pilot, you are required to speak, listen, read, and understand English with ease.

Why this course?
Aviation terminology can be challenging for non-native student pilots. At ASC English, we have successfully trained thousands of international students for over 20 years. Offering courses from beginner to advanced, we will help you reach your English goals!

Are there any requirements?
Students of any level can begin English classes at ASC. To begin the dual course with AVIER, all flight students must communicate in English at
ICAO Level 3 Language Proficiency Requirements, which is equal to Level 4 at ASC’s full-time ESL course. If you are not currently at that level, you can begin classes at ASC and retest after 3 months.

About ASC English School:

ASC English has students from over 27 countries that come on an F-1 Visa to advance their English skills. We offer a flexible 4-day schedule, with morning, afternoon, and evening classes, online or in-person, at our two Boston locations:

Commonwealth Avenue:

1106 Commonwealth Ave, Boston

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

(617) 730 – 3705

Downtown (Chinatown):

65 Harrison Ave, 6th Floor, Boston

Monday – Friday: 8:30am – 5:00pm

(617) 338 – 5288

ASC Class Schedules:

We offer morning ESL and afternoon ICAO Test preparation classes. This schedule satisfies the F1 requirement of 20 study hours/week.


9:00am – 10:40am

Reading, Writing, Grammar

10:50am – 12:30pm

Listening, Speaking, Pronunciation

12:40pm – 1:45pm


2:45PM – 4:15PM


About AVIER  Flight School

AVIER TSA Application
We ensure aviation safety while increasing the footprint of general aviation in the most welcoming learning environment possible.
Each lesson includes time spent in our living room:
  • planning your flight;
  • answering questions;
  • enjoying meals;
  • meeting fellow students and instructors;
  • sipping the best espresso around.
To us, creating a welcoming environment goes beyond the warm greeting you will receive from your instructor at each lesson, and extends towards creating an atmosphere you can call home.
Need more information?
To find out more about our ESL courses and our partnership with AVIER, call us at 617-730-3705 or email nataliya@ascenglish.edu (Russian), ilanit@ascenglish.edu (Spanish), or carolina@ascenglish.edu (Portuguese). Other languages are available.