Ivan Boston English school testimonial“I came to the United States from Bulgaria and was very worried that I wouldn’t understand academic English. That’s why I attend ASC English which helps me incredibly to develop my English skills. ASC English is a school which is dedicated to helping international students.”
-Ivan, student from Bulgaria

Elhoucine english language student boston“I enjoy everything in Boston and my English is improving because of the quality of ASC English program. At ASC English, the teachers are friendly and available for all of our requests and questions.”
– Elhoucine, student from Morocco/France

Photo of woman smiling“ASC English makes me feel like I’m staying with my family. The teachers and staff are ready to help me with everything. It doesn’t matter what it is. All of them are so kind and friendly.”
– Pook, student from Thailand

Adrien Spanish English school boston“I’ve been a student at ASC English for over 8 months. I like that ASC English creates many different activities and invites all students to join and share time together. I spend around 18 hours per week in the school and those are hours which I enjoy 100%.”
– Adrien, student from Venezuela

Polish English school Boston“Learning a language is not solely about textbooks and structured classes and we take great efforts to assure that the process is also enjoyable by organizing, for example, movie afternoons, barbeques, and a variety of different outings. Without a shadow of a doubt, ASC English is a perfect place to teach and learn.”
– Izabela, ASC teacher from Poland

Natalie Boston ESL Testimonial“ASC is more than an ESL school – it’s a learning community. The friendly staff creates a supportive environment that fosters interactive learning and focuses on all aspects of language acquisition.”
– Natalie, ASC teacher

Alexis IELTS class testimonials Boston“I really enjoy teaching here at ASC English. The diverse body of students are eager to learn and the teachers are all so supportive. There is definitely a strong sense of community here and I think both the students and the teachers contribute to that nurturing environment.”
– Alexis, ASC teacher