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Get Ready for the TOEFL Test in Boston

A high iBT TOEFL score is your key to entering hundreds of colleges and graduate schools across the United States.

Here at ASC English School we‘ve been offering test preparation classes to our students for success on the TOEFL since 1998. ASC English offered one of the first ESL programs in the Boston and had the English teaching classes they needed to score high on the iBT TOEFL exam.

Our TOEFL preparation instructors attended TOEFL training seminars offered by ETS to prepare a new iBT TOEFL curriculum which we began teaching the first month the iBT TOEFL was introduced. Unlike the old TOEFL exam, if you can‘t use English or speak it fluently, you can‘t pass the TOEFL exam. ASC‘s iBT curriculum focuses on the specific English test preps and English speaking training that student‘s need to ace the exam.

On average, our students raise their scores by 15-30 points after taking our TOEFL iBT test preparation classes.

TOEFL Test Preparation Classes Highlights

  • Experienced test preparation instructors provide private lessons while tracking your progress
  • Our students raise their scores by 15-30 points
  • We offer beginner classes, intermediate classes and advanced classes with TOEFL practice questions

How is ASC’s TOEFL Prep different from other schools?

Valuable classroom time and test taking strategies with simulated computer tests. While many other TOEFL exercises are based primarily on computer practice questions, at ASC you’ll spend valuable classroom time learning test-taking strategies.

Improved study skills that will help you long after you take the iBT TOEFL. Our international students will learn good note-taking skills, practice guessing the meaning of vocabulary words based on context clues, and paraphrase complicated information orally and in writing.

Individual Attention. Twice each session, our students will meet with ASC test preparation instructors to discuss their particular strengths and weaknesses and formulate a test-taking strategy so they can maximize their iBT TOEFL scores!

Program Details

Our iBT TOEFL test preparation classes meets 5 days a week for a total of 21 hours each week. Our students work with multiple carefully trained test preparation instructors who use ETS authentic iBT TOEFL preparation materials as well as training materials from other major publishers that closely follow actual ETS iBT TOEFL exam questions.

Twice each month our teachers have a one-on-one English tutoring session with each of their students. Student strengths and areas which need improvement are discussed. This individualized and personal attention that our test prep tutors provide sets ASC English apart from other ESL schools in the Boston area.

ASC English School has two easy access locations that are very convenient for our students and provides free English prep classes as well as an intensive English course. Please contact us at our Commonwealth location or Downtown location for more information about our English language programs and English classes.


“I am Erica Teixeira and I was in the TOEFL class. I am writing this email to thank you for all that help on my journey and also to remind you that you are all doing a great job there. Thanks for always being patient and available to me. ASC English school will always be with me and I will not forget where I started. I will encourage other students, not just Cape Verdean but all students that are having trouble with English. Today my English is like this because of you all. I can speak, write, and listen to others speak English without being scared of anything, English became my third language and I am proud of it. I know that I need to work more on it but I know where to start to build my future. And all this is because of you guys. The saddest part is I couldn’t go there to say goodbye to you but like Portuguese speakers say “ não é um adeus mas sim um até logo “ that means isn’t a goodbye but see you soon. I am so sorry to send the email right now but since I started college my life became busier and busier, but thanks to God I sent it. Thank you one more time.”

Erica Teixeira