Pronunciation & Daily Conversation

Pronunciation & Daily Conversation

Improve your ability to speak English clearly and comfortably with our 8-week English Pronunciation class!

Do you have trouble with certain sounds in English, such as “th” “ch” and “r”? Do you struggle to understand the difference between “w” and “v” sounds? What about the “ed” and “t” or the “s” and “z” sounds? Do you want to be better understood by native speakers? If you would like to speak English more clearly and reduce your accent, our 8-week pronunciation class is a perfect match for you!

Common Pronunciation Issues SOLVED!

Taught by a native English speaker, join other students as the instructor teaches you how to speak comfortably in common situations, such as on the phone, in person, and online. Boost your confidence in daily conversations and learn how to pronounce difficult words and syllables.

Practice the phonetic alphabet and navigate English’s tricky spelling. Lesson materials will include personalized feedback based on your native language and specific struggles, and specific speech exercises designed to help you rapidly improve your confidence in daily conversations.

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Start Date: Coming soon

Day: once a week on Saturday

Time: 9:30am – 11:30am ET

Cost: $400.00

Length: 8 weeks

Instructor: Kerry

Location: Online